Cleaning and Care
-The furniture should be regularly cleaned with a soft, dry cloth in the direction of the wood grain. If required, a damp, soft cloth may be used. Do not use abrasive, ammonia, bleach, spirit or oil-based cleaners, including D10 sanitizer.
-Spills should be immediately wiped dry. Use of coasters is recommended.
-Periodically check and tighten hardware as necessary.
-Any lost bumpers or feet should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to the furniture or the floor surface.

-Wood is a natural product which varies in color and grain.
-Sunlight can lead to color change of veneered surfaces, so such surfaces should not be placed in direct sunlight. So that surfaces age evenly, items should be moved so that the entire surface is exposed to an even amount of light over time.

Safety Warnings
-Furniture can be dangerous if improperly assembled or installed. Assembly should be completed by a qualified person following the provided assembly instructions.-Do not tilt, or lean back on the chair legs, as this could result in a fall.
-Always stack chairs to the rear – this will help avoid unnecessary damage.
-All products should be used on a solid, level surface.
-Do not stand on furniture, as it could cause a fall, resulting in bodily injury or death.
-For barstools, do not stand on the footrest, as this could lead to the stool becoming unbalanced and overturning.
-Do not leave small children unattended on the chair or barstool.
-With assistance of another adult, always lift, do not drag large or heavy furniture into position. Careless handling can result in serious or fatal injury.
-Max recommended stack is 4 chairs for most m.a.d. stackable model

Please retain these instructions for future reference. Contact china@madfurnituredesign.com for questions or replacement parts.